Hawaii, Oahu, Hilo Tantra with Uma Parvati

tantra seeker reviews of oc tantra goddess uma parvati

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Wow is all I can say I have this really strange calm that has taken over my whole body, I can't even explain it I feel so peaceful and slept like a baby last night. You truly are a Goddess and I just want to thank you for what you do. I will be seeing you again maybe even before Sept.
-Love you Louie

Goddess Uma,
Breathing your love into my heart and mind has opened my life to a new depth of feeling that I can now pour forth freely in the world, without fear.
-J.F. Business Manager

Dear Goddess Uma,
I wanted to take a moment and tell you just how much I enjoyed our time together last evening. Your energy was incredible and I am looking forward to seeing you again during my next trip. I was blessed by our time together and offer my energy to you whenever you need it...Take care and be blessed.

Hello Dear Uma,
I want to thank you again for our session last Thursday. I found it both invigorating and educational I have started to read about Tantra. I would like, if possible, to schedule another session with you this week. Reach me either by email or phone. Have a wonderful day,

Dear Uma,
Our session was the most mind-blowing, incredible, single experience I have ever had. I had read other people's testimonial before I met with you, and to tell you the truth, it was ten million times better then I ever could of have dreamed. Your gentle touch, kind teaching, pure energy and the ability to bring a person such deep personal growth is something every man should be so lucky to experience. Your Amrita is so magical, there's no way to explain the power and pleasure that comes from it. You have shifted this man on to the right path and forever changed him. I look forward to continued growth and learning with you. Your soul is as bright as the sun, thank you for everything! May the angels and spirit guides bring us back together soon!
-Namaste, R.S.

Dear Uma,
I want to thank you again for my session last week. I have been savoring every moment. The full body orgasm was an ecstatic revelation, and I was blown away and honored that you would share your Amrita with me. It was one of the most incredible connections I have ever experienced! I know there is much more to learn and experience, and I look forward to your instruction. I am also wrestling with how to get my wife to you. Your instruction has already had a positive impact on our sexual relationship, but I know you could literally change her life. Until next time with love,

Dearest Goddess Uma,
I Just wanted to express some feelings and thoughts. I feel very comfortable and connected with you. You have taught me much in our three sessions yet I fully realize there is so much more to learn and share with you. I want to reaffirm my wish to become a regular student and devotee of yours. Thanks also for"Sexual Energy Ecstasy" It is a very practical guide. I'll purchase my own copy and return yours to you when next we meet.
I'm glad you acquainted me with diet and nutrition. I will enjoy surprising you with special offerings every now and again. Have a wonderful trip to Paris. Feel free to e-mail me questions or thoughts. With much love for a very special Goddess,

Oh Uma,
Thank you again for our session. I found it exciting, invigorating andeducational--I have started to read about Tantra. I would like, if possible, to schedule another session with you this week, preferably in the evening this time. Wednesday is best for me, but any other evening that's more convenient for you would work as well. Have a wonderful day!
-Love, Larry

Dear Uma Parvati,
Thank you so much for your sweet letter. I'm doing quite well myself and have proposed to my girl. We'll wed next year sometime. Everything is wonderful from my vantage point. Again, I should thank you for the time we spent together. You have helped me in ways I cannot explain, and I'm sure I will be calling you again for another session. Have a wonderful weekend!

Uma Parvati,
Thanks very much the wonderful experience this past Thursday. I really enjoyed myself. The session was VERY satisfying and even four days later, I find myself calm and collected. I only wish you were not so far away. I'll see you again in the future ....
-Love, J.

To: Uma,
I had such a g-o-o-d time! Thanks! I didn't leave thinking of healer/patient, teacher /student/ client/guest but, because you were so comfortable to be with but you as I have a new friend! You were SO, comfortable to be with! I look forward to seeing you again!
The drive home wasn't bad. I had a smile the whole drive. So, relaxed! Occasionally, I would tremble with little quivers! GO Figure! SO, Neat! Thanks for putting your hair up and letting me see the real Uma in person before I left. I LOVE YOU!

Dear Uma,
Before I go to sleep, a deep and restful sleep, I wanted to thank you for the beautiful experience which you shared with me this evening. It was truly an unforgettable experience. I look forward greatly to my next visit to LA when I hope to share love with you again. Your orgasm and flow of Amrita was a symphony. What wonders will we share in our next meeting. You are a very special and wonderful woman.
-Love, Fred

Goddess Uma,
Thank you for a wonderful experience with you this evening! I was nervous but you were great at setting me at ease. I would definitely like to visit with you again very soon. I would be nice to become a regular client if you feel that I have potential.
-D.S., Technology executive

Thank you for a sensually exciting & relaxing experience. The extra hour was well worth the cost & as I look back on it, 3 hours barely seemed like enough time. I can't remember an instance where I was more relaxed than in your loving embrace. I can still feel your tantalizing touch, taste your tongue on mine, & envision the soft, wet rapture of your Goddess spot. Even though I don't always show it, I value the intimacy of all relationships in my life & your teachings are invaluable to the most intimate relationship a person can have. I will use what I have learned from you and practice the techniques you shared with me.
After today, I feel like I need another session of blissful relaxation with you already. Needless to say, I'll be planing my next visit and counting the days until I can be with you again.
- MW -San Dimas, CA