Hawaii, Oahu, Hilo Tantra with Uma Parvati

tantric retreat Hawaii

Escape into a tropical Tantric emersion with me. During this intensely erotic and educational time together, we will spend the day exploring the gorgeous natural beauty and sites of the Big Island. At night we dive deeper into Tantric bliss and sexual awkening!

Hawaii Tantra Oahu

I have a beautiful 2 bedroom 2 bath house with an Ocean View on the Hilo side of the Big Island. Have your own private bath and luxury accommodations for your Tantra sessions in the evening. You can spend the night, visit for a couple days or even longer!

Tantra Intensives can occur anywhere! Sponsor me to ANY major city overnight for the price of First Class airfare + the identical rates as below.

Hawaii Tantra Oahu

rates for hawaii tantra retreat

  • Half day 6hrs = $1,300
  • Spend 12hrs = $1,600
  • Full day = $2,500
  • 2 day weekend = $3,000
  • 3 day week end = $3,600
  • Week (couples only ) = $7,000
  • 10 days = $10,000

Hawaii Tantra Oahu

Island excursions can include:

Kahena Nude Black Sand Beach   •   The Hot Ponds   •   Natural Steam Vents
Volcano National Park   •   Uma Uma Waterfalls

For singles or couples!

Please schedule your appointment in advance to ensure availability and BEST possible rate!

LA tantra goddess uma

I am always available to visit you in a major city! Just sponsor me! Which means FC round trip air and at least one session. You get your session(s) extended and a complimentary dinner or lunch with me before or after or in between your sessions!